Get ready, Nashville, because Zac Brown Band is preparing to take over! The Georgia-based band recently expanded Brown's Southern Ground Artist, Inc. record label by opening a new recording studio in Music City -- and brought with them promises of a bar and restaurant, coming soon.

"We're coming to Nashville, [and] we want to exceed expectations," says Brown, who adds that the studio is not the end of his franchise in the birthplace of country music. "We're infiltrating, so [the studio] is the first step towards that. We're gonna have a restaurant here and a bar here eventually."

Wile Brown is just about as famous for his cooking skills as he is for his musical chops, we'll have to wait just a little bit longer to dig into some of his delicious southern grub. However, Nashville needn't worry, because the band is taking their Southern Ground Music and Food Festival to Riverfront Park in September for two full days of music, food and entertainment. Those three are things the band has prided themselves on since hitting the music scene, even offering fans a special eat-and-greet before their shows.

"We want to be known for doing things differently," Brown says. "When you feed somebody a great meal, they remember it. We are one of the people, and when we get to sit and eat with our fans, it's a reminder to them and to ourselves that we're no different than they are even though we're up on stage."

Zac Brown Band's third studio album, 'Uncaged,' is set to hit stores on July 10. The album's first single, 'The Wind,' is already blowing up the charts -- pun very much intended.