Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band has had quite a bit of success when collaborating with other artists. He's worked with Jimmy Buffett on 'Knee Deep' and performed with singer-songwriter and all-around '70s legend James Taylor while onstage at the ACMs. He even has a collaboration with Alan Jackson on his resume. But Brown doesn't want to stop there, and he's not going the expected route and thinking of fellow country crooners to work with. He's looking to classic rockers like Sting and Bruce Springsteen, and is even interested in getting his sing on with British pop-soul diva Adele.

Brown told Cody Alan of CMT Radio Live (as printed in Country Weekly) that even though he has already enjoyed some big name partnerships, Sting tops his "performing together" bucket list. "Sting is one that I'm really excited about trying to track down," the singer admitted.

Brown also said that Bruce Springsteen is a dream collaborator, and he actually gushed about Adele and her best-selling album, '21,' saying that she is the one new artist he'd like to work with. "I can't stop listening to her '21' record. It's amazing," Brown declared. It's the top selling album of 2011, so millions of people agree!

Could you imagine the bearded, beanie-wearing Brown and the diva that is Adele belting a song out together? It would be one for the ages. We can just envision him wailing on his guitar while Adele lets 'er rip.