Chipotle is taking things back to the start with farm-fresh meats and produce, and -- as previously reported -- Willie Nelson is jumping on board to help. In a long-form 2011 Chipotle commercial titled 'Back to the Start,' the Mexican grill chain pushes the idea of cultivating a better world for a sustainable future while Nelson's cover of the Coldplay track, 'The Scientist,' plays in the background.

In the two-minute commercial, a peg-person farmer becomes distraught when he sees what happens to his family-farmed meat after it leaves the property, as it's pumped with chemicals and altered to become something it isn't in an industrial factory. He decides to return back to basics by raising his products on-site in a more sustainable way, an idea that Chipotle is smart to push.

Nelson, a co-founder of Farm Aid, clearly knows a good cause when he sees it, too. The singer's country cover of the Coldplay track adds an element to the mini-film that the original couldn't have -- a more organic, raw, untuned sound that only the classic Willie can offer. For just 99 cents, you can download Nelson's rendition of 'The Scientist' on iTunes and help us, all of us, create a more sustainable world for the future of food. All proceeds benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

'Back to the Start' will start showing in movie theaters this fall.

Watch the 2011 Chipotle Commercial