What inspired 'Pioneer'? What's in store for their future? Talk about touring with Rascal Flatts ... These are all professional questions to ask a band like the Band Perry, a family trio that just found out their new album is atop the country album charts, with almost 130,000 copies sold it its debut week. Fans want the scoop though, and Neil, Kimberly and Reid were kind enough to dish it in an interview feature we call 60 Seconds With the Band Perry. 

60 Seconds With the Band Perry

Question 1: What was your last non-music job?

Neil: Raking leaves. [pauses] As a career? [all laugh]

Kimberly: We have never had a non-music job, that's how immature we are.

Question 2: On a tour bus, there typically is a really big bed in the back. Who gets the big bed?

Kimberly: We actually don't have a big bed, we have nine bunks on ours.

Question 3: Who is the heartbreaker, and who is forever heartbroken?

Reid: Neil is probably both.

Kimberly: Neil is the most sensitive one and he fancies himself the best flirter in the Band Perry.

Neil: Well, I practice.

Question 4: Who is most likely to cry when you win an award?

KP: Our mother.

Question 5: Who would fans be angriest with if he or she cut their hair?

Kimberly and Neil: Reid!

Neil: I hate to tell Kimberly this and it's true, but people notice us out in public mostly because of Reid's hair.

Question 6: Who is most likely to fix the tour bus if it broke down? 

Kimberly: Probably none of us. We are not handymen or women in the Band Perry.

Reid: But we would try, daggumit.

Neil: We can change a tire, if we had to. But the most that we've done, there's these lights on the bus and sometimes, especially during the winter, they will freeze and you can't pull them back in. So there have been a couple of times we've had to get out and physically push this light in.