A Thousand Horses tease what they do live with a dirty country-rocker called “Southernality,” the third single from the Southernality album. The band are at their best on stage, and one hears that immediately on this loose, live-like recording.

“Southernality” is a two-and-a-half-minute burst of Southern rock-influenced energy that serves as an introduction to a group that is still something of an unknown, despite scoring one of the top songs of 2015 in “Smoke.” Their full band is featured in bursts — a trio of backing vocalists that join them during live shows finally get a little room to shine between vocalist Michael Hobby’s biographical lyrics.

If Lynyrd Skynyrd were new artists in 2016, this is what they’d sound like. Producer Dave Cobb’s brilliance on this song, and several others from a Thousand Horses' Southernality album, is embracing the looseness of a live performance. There may be mistakes in the production, but no one is going to notice amidst so much soulful energy.

The hoots and hollers feel like front-row shouts for a band playing in front of 20,000. Perhaps only the Cadillac Three capture the spirit of a live show better than ATH do on this song. It’s one you look forward to experiencing.

Did You Know?: The Cadillac Three's Neil Mason helped Hobby and Corey Crowder write "Southernality."

Listen to a Thousand Horses, “Southernality”

A Thousand Horses, “Southernality” Lyrics:

“Yes sir, yes ma'am talk with a drawl / Ain't much for runnin', 'less we're runnin' from the law / We like our ladies sweet like we like sweet tea / And we know how to treat 'em, it's a southernality.”

“Laid back, way back simple southernality / Flag flyin', sun shinin', red, white, blue and free / Old ball cap, pair of worn out jeans / Boots and a buckle that's how we lean / Laid back, way back simple southernality.”

“Ain't afraid to work hard 'cause we gotta get paid / Like an ice cold beer at the end of the day / Mean what we say, go and carve it in stone / Yeah these roots run deep down this old dirt road.”

“Laid back, way back / Tell 'em boys / Laid back, way back.”

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