Ever since his stint as a contestant on American Idol, rising star Alex Miller has built his brand on staunchly traditional country music, and his latest song, "When God Made the South," embraces the hard-partying side of the genre.

"In the beginning He blessed this place / We got "Jambalaya" and "Amazing Grace" / Barbeque and backwoods, he said 'It's all good' / And sent a little heaven down / When God made the South," Miller sings in the barn-burning final chorus of his song.

With rousing, sizzling lyrics like that, it made perfect sense to set the scene for the music video as a good old fashioned Southern party — featuring both family values and cameos, and something just a little raunchier.

"We wanted to show a different side of me, as I'm always trying to do! With the girls dancing, and the party at the Honky Tonk, we tried to capture what it's like at an Alex Miller show," the singer explains over email to Taste of Country. The dancers in the clip — whose names are Gracie Thom and Calloway Denton — perfectly play the part of a country boy's fantasy: Decked out in cut-off jeans and cowboy boots, they display some serious hip-shaking skills in a truck bed and around a campfire throughout various scenes in the video.

The results captured the raucous energy Miller was looking for, but he admits that the midriff-baring attire and suggestive dance moves were a little risqué for a traditional guy like him. "I'm not gonna lie, some of the scenes made me blush a little," he says. "It's a very saucy video and the girls did such a good job.".

But the video wasn't all about "saucy" hip-shaking moves: It also featured many personal touches from Miller's own Southern upbringing. Both locations had special significance, as some scenes were filmed at the farm on Miller's house, and the other was filmed at the Silver Eagle in Rockcastle, Ky., where his grandfather used to take him as a kid.

The bonfire scenes feature Miller's real-life family and friends — "even my Nana (grandmother) got to come!" he adds. Plus, if you look closely during those scenes, you'll see two men with sharp dancing skills moving and grooving in the background.

"Those are my great uncles in the background cuttin' a rug," Miller adds. "They had more moves that night than a game of chess, and it tickled the absolute p--s out of me."

"When God Made the South" is available now; click here to purchase the single.

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