On tonight's 'American Idol' Season 10 finale, that Southern teenage dream known as Scotty McCreery performed 'Check Yes or No,' which was selected for him by his personal idol, George Strait. It's a fitting song, since American voters are tasked with making McCreery this season's winner or not. McCreery's solid, spot-on performance was good enough for the voters to check that 'yes' box, metaphorically speaking.

It was a mid-tempo tune and McCreery came out of the gates swinging, with both fists blazing, at L.A. Live's Nokia Theater this evening. He was punchy and upbeat (and surprising) with his first song, which was Montgomery Gentry's rocking tune 'Gone' and then put the breaks on a little for 'Check Yes or No.' It was a wicked one-two punch that demonstrated McCreery's range, something the judges and many viewers feared he didn't have much of.

His opponent Lauren Alaina had some voice issues earlier today, but she is still going to compete and didn't struggle during her first round of performances. Could that problem end up giving McCreery the decided edge overall?

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'Check Yes or No'

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