Ashlie Amber is pretty upfront about the PG-13 theme of her new song "Those Nights," but a new video of her performing it acoustically proves she's not here for tasteless arousal.

Meet Ashlie Amber: the full-scale entertainer during this video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country. On cruise ships and in venues across America, the Colorado native has proven she can control a room with full production. This video performance relies on subtleties and interpretation. It may rely on a few old memories, too.

"It's a pretty sexy song, isn't it?" she says to Taste of Country during a phone interview earlier this year. "Those Nights" was inspired by a relationship she had while living in Washington, D.C. It ended on good terms because she wasn't — and still isn't — the settling down kind.

“We had a very wonderful relationship — very hot and heavy in the beginning. And, we had some fun nights," she says, laughing.

In this new song, Amber didn't want to focus on the extreme highs and lows of love. The idea of writing about the struggles of marriage wasn't for her, so she chose to sing what she knows. In this case, that's messing up sleep schedules, drinking too much and staying up too late.

"We would laugh and we would hang out and we would talk about stupid things, like video games or why the sky is blue," she recalls. "I dunno. Silly things, it wasn't always serious."

Now living in Las Vegas, Amber is set on making a career in country music without compromising her artistry or strong sense of business. Beyonce is an idol for reasons far beyond the music. Shania Twain is, too — in fact, that's who she though of when she recorded her opening lines in that sultry whisper. It's all about confidence and taking ownership of your wants and desires, without hesitation. You hear that in "Those Nights."

“We’re adults, we can do whatever we want," she flatly states.

Care to disagree?

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