When fans first met Scotty McCreery, he could barely drive. Now, the country star is a grown man with a thriving career and dedicated fanbase. He continues to be a role model even as his music matures to include more age-appropriate subject matter. It's truly difficult to imagine McCreery's life going off the rails, even if he is 24 years old now.

McCreery's Top 5 moments include several from his time on American Idol, but also his most prestigious award win and his most important performance to date. Relive all five and then decide which is your favorite. If it's one of these, or something we missed entirely, share it in the comments section below!

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    Winning the ACM New Artist of the Year Award

    McCreery topped Brantley Gilbert and Hunter Hayes to win the 2012 ACM New Artist of the Year Award. The trophy goes well with his multiple ACA and CMT Awards. He's yet to be nominated for a CMA Award, but don't rule it out for the future.

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    Lady Gaga's Advice

    During the final weeks of McCreery's American Idol season, Lady Gaga mentored the remaining contestants. She said afterward she did realize how conservative the country singer was. A couple of comments left the North Carolina native kissing his cross and asking Jesus for forgiveness. “That’s your girlfriend," Gaga told him of the microphone, "and she says to you if you don’t stick your tongue down my throat, we’re through.”

    “You’re gonna make love to that microphone,” Gaga demanded. It's not clear if McCreery took her advice to heart, but it worked for him that week.

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    Grand Ole Opry Debut

    Josh Turner and Charley Pride were just two legends on hand to watch McCreery and Lauren Alaina make their Opry debut together in the spring of 2011. The Idol winner sang his single "I Love You This Big" just weeks after the show finished. He was grinning ear to ear the whole time, as he recognized the importance of the moment.

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    Winning 'American Idol'

    Scotty McCreery won Season 10 of American Idol, topping fellow country teen Lauren Alaina. The finals didn't hold as much suspense as previous years -- the Garner native ran away with the honor early thanks to strong support from his hometown and country fans nationwide. As his name was called as he doubled over for a moment before getting a big hug -- and kiss, remember the kiss? -- from Alaina.

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    The 'American Idol' Audition

    Scotty McCreery auditioned for American Idol in Milwaukee, Wisc. He was just 16 when he first stood in front of Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler singing "Your Man" by Josh Turner and "Put Some Drive in Your Country" by Travis Tritt. "Well hell fire, save matches, f--- a duck and see what hatches," Tyler said. We think that means he liked it.

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