Billy Currington, David Nail and Kip Moore have joined forces on the road, which has apparently spawned the perfect country touring trifecta! The crowd got revved up early as Kip Moore took the stage first at their Lowell, Mass. tour stop on Thursday (May 3). Moore's set -- a short, high energy romp -- featured tunes from his debut disc ‘Up All Night,’ released in April. With songs like ‘Mary Was the Marrying Kind’ and ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,’ the fun-loving Moore was engaged with the crowd and served as the perfect pre-cursor for what came next.

Next up was David Nail. Nail, taking a different approach than Moore, offered up an intense collection of songs from his two discs ‘I’m About to Come Alive,’ and ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams.’ His fervent approach to his art resulted in a set chock-full of lush, sprawling, country tunes -- pausing only a moment to introduce his band and call out to a young girl in the audience who had sent him a letter.

Bridging the gap right down the middle between Moore’s party vibe and Nail’s more serious delivery, Billy Currington and his band hit the stage for the remainder of the night. Clearly enjoying every moment of his first headlining tour, Currington powered through a collection of hits from ‘That’s How Country Boys Roll’ to ‘Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer’ to testing out some new material he’s working on for an upcoming disc. Still riding high on the success of his 2010 ‘Enjoy Yourself' album, Currington certainly did just that throughout the night, as did all in attendance!

Check out our exclusive photos from the show above and find out all the remaining tour dates here.

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