Billy Currington's "Do I Make You Wanna" is an easy love song with a few sneaky, sexy lyrics for flavor. The mellow, sincere country groove finds the Georgia-raised singer working within his comfort zone.

That's an expansive place in recent years, but Currington never strays too far from an easy-to-embrace, accessible singalong style that's built for radio but also works to make his live show one of the more underrated in country music. With "Do I Make You Wanna," he's a man in love, eager to do anything to please his girlfriend. Sharp lyrics, a buoyant beat, familiar emotion — Currington relies on a simple formula, but he always finds a way to separate himself from a crowded middle.

"Do I Make You Wanna" is a pleasing fourth single from his Summer Forever album and a rebound from the heartbreaking — yet still cheerful, somehow — "It Don't Hurt Like It Used To."

Did You Know?: Jerry Flowers helped write "Do I Make You Wanna." He's Keith Urban's band leader.

Listen to Billy Currington, "Do I Make You Wanna"

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Billy Currington's "Do I Make You Wanna" Lyrics:

"Baby what's on your mind / When you see me pull up in your drive / Do you wanna go downtown / Maybe have a little high dollar wine / Do you wanna go out to the country / And maybe blow all our money / On some sugar at the truck stop and some scratch-offs / See if we can lucky."

Oh, I gotta know what's goin' on / In your beautiful mind / Baby don't be shy."

"And tell me now / Do I make you wanna dance real slow / Go flyin' down a two lane road / Find a limb to hang your clothes / Do I make you wanna let your hair down / Play a little truth or dare now / Act just like you don't care now / Girl when I come around / Tell me do I make you wanna / Stay up 'til the sun / Howl at the moon / Baby, tell me the truth / Do I make you wanna."

Karaoke in the neon light / Go to Vegas, stay up all night / See if we can find a cheap flight / Little seven, come eleven, baby, roll those dice / Do I make you feel pretty / Do I make you wanna lean back, lay back and kiss me / Do you wanna roll with me / To the mountains, to the beach, to a party in the city / Do you wanna take in a broadway show / Or maybe just stay low / I gotta know now."

"Do I make you turn into somebody else / Do you feel like you can finally be yourself.

We can take it back downtown / You know I don't care now / Just wanna take you there now."

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