Billy Currington is a master of melody, always finding songs you can't get out of your head (and usually don't want to). 'Hey Girl,' the lead single from an upcoming album deviates little from his brand of country meets R&B. 

There's plenty of room to work within that marriage, so no two singles the Georgia-born singer has released in the last 10 years sound quite like another. 'Hey Girl' tells a familiar story and relies a little more on cliche (especially leading into the chorus), but the end result is a smooth country hit.

"Hey girl, what's your name girl / I've been looking at you and every guy here is doing the same girl / It'd be a shame girl / If I let you just walk on by," Currington sings to begin the mid-tempo track. A funky guitar drives the sex appeal of this song.

"I know you don't know me but I can't leave here lonely / Knowing I didn't even try to make you mine / And you might think I'm crazy / Girl but who could blame me / Looking so fine got me all tongue tied and the only line I can think to say is hey girl," he adds during a chorus that blends effortlessly into the second verse.

The country boy love song is a great match for a singer that's as radio friendly of an artist as there is to be found in Nashville. Layers of electric guitar and a lengthy (by country radio standards) solo before the bridge add unnecessary distractions, but ultimately Currington's satisfying delivery brings back a delectable groove. Often an artist becomes restless before his third of fourth album and takes a chance that rubs fans the wrong way. This singer is wise to stick with the style that earned him several Gold and Platinum singles.

3.5 Stars

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