Billy Currington has spent his summer out on tour with the very fit Tim McGraw, and after sharing all this time together, it seems like McGraw's workout regime has rubbed off a bit on Currington.

"It’s so inspiring to watch how it all goes down," Currington told the media at a recent celebration in Nashville for "Don't It" reaching No. 1 status. "So he has me getting on it now. I came on the tour not looking close to that, so it’s been a lot of fun."

Though the "Don't It" singer stays on the grind, it doesn't mean he goes to the same lengths. And we don't blame him; McGraw's workouts just might take insanity to the next level.

"For him it’s working out, you know, a lot. And for us we pick out about three or four hours of the day...not ten," Currington said with a chuckle. "It’s pretty amazing to watch, like where does he get the energy from? Because the foods that I hear he eats, it’s like really? That fuels you to go every day like that?"

McGraw may not have too much competition to worry about, but he most definitely at least has an admirer in his tour mate. Currington sat down with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex and dished that he has always thought of McGraw as a mentor, and opening for him is a dream come true.

“I mean, he sells places out left and right everywhere he goes, and that’s something I get to open up for and be a part of the same fans and, hopefully you know, make some new fans,” the 41-year-old country singer said, “the ones that have been following him for so long and have never heard our music.”

Currington will continue on the Shotgun Rider tour now through the rest of the summer. As for Currington's McGraw man-crush? We see that lasting well into the fall.

"And to me, he looks really, really good," said Currington.

Yes he does, Billy, and so do you.

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