If you didn't watch the latest episode of The Voice yet, beware, spoilers ahead. On Tuesday (April 24), Coach Blake Shelton's three hopefuls were voted through by America with ease. So were Alicia Keys'. Adam Levine had to get down to the wire with Kelly Clarkson to see which of their team members would be eliminated...with Levine winning that struggle and Clarkson's D.R. King having to go home (despite it being Clarkson's birthday...sob!).

However, the real crazy moment of the evening came when 5-year-old viral sensation Claire Crosby, who is the daughter of former Voice contestant Dave Crosby, interviewed the panel of contestants and judges on a variety of things that would interest a kindergarten-aged fan.

She did ask Levine what he thought of Shelton, to which Levine answered, "He's a poop face." (In Levine's defense, he did warn Crosby that he was about to use a really bad word.)

Crosby related this info to Shelton, adding a placating, "But, he was just kidding."

Shelton didn't look convinced, however, and replied, "If you see him again, tell him I think he's a ding-dong." Oooh, burn.

In less juvenile pursuits, Shelton took the stage with his team to perform Sam & Dave's "I Thank You," which made it clear why his entire slate made it through the scary elimination period unscathed. But tune in next week to see how things shake out, as we are getting down to the wire!

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