Blake Shelton's love songs may be a good barometer of his marriage to Miranda Lambert. If they ever lose sincerity or that special sense that he's focused on his bride, fans will know something has gone horribly wrong. Things were clearly going very right when he recorded 'Doin' What She Likes,' the fourth single from 'Based on a True Story.'

The R&B guitars that open the song separate it from others in Shelton's catalog. It's sexy in a whole new way, with the confident country crooner taking ownership like he bought it. Many of Shelton's songs slip in references to food or the length the object of his affection's hair. However, he's not near creating his own cliches. Instead, they sound like the personal touches one adds to give a track charm.

"She likes it when I bring home fresh fajitas / And mix up a pitcher of margaritas / Catch a kind of buzz that lasts all night / Doin' what she likes," Shelton sings to end the first verse. His delivery is almost conversational; fans of 'The Voice' will recognize the manner in which he clips his words.

During the chorus, he finds something more melodic: "She likes hearin' how good she looks in them blue jeans / Little kisses, sweeter than sweet tea / Things I whisper in her ear, oh my / I like doin' what she likes."

This song isn't as vocally impressive as some of Shelton's best ballads, but not every song needs to be 'She Wouldn't Be Gone.' There's a warmth to the production that complements his genuine intentions. Some will say the synthesized guitars go a little too far, but most will argue he pushes this moment just far enough.

Key Lyrics: "Like running my fingers through her long hair / Lightin' watermelon candles upstairs / Lettin' them burn and holdin' her all night / I like doin' what she likes"

Did you Know?: The last time one of Blake Shelton's singles didn't reach No. 1, President Obama was just beginning his first term in office.

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