Blake Shelton’s "Friends" is a huggable country addition to The Angry Birds Movie soundtrack. The uplifting lyric will be featured prominently in the film. It’s a catchy melody that would sound perfect over the end credits.

The singer plays Earl the pig in the movie and admits that the director kept asking for more and more "country" from his character’s lines. “Friends” is also very country. Lyrically it tells of an unlikely partnership and being able to count on someone who pledges to have your back through thick and thin. A music video finds the singer smiling and acting out each lyric as a few feathered friends watch from nearby.

With Shelton focused on releasing his new If I’m Honest album, it seems unlikely “Friends” will receive much radio airplay. The earworm will be a memorable highlight from the animated movie based on the popular Angry Birds video game app. Banjo, fiddle and guitar — along with plenty of Shelton’s Oklahoma twang — make sure this inclusive lyric remains pegged in the country genre.

Did You Know?: Songwriter Jessi Alexander was part of the team that wrote "Friends." She says the singer also has a role in the upcoming Angry Birds Movie.

Listen to Blake Shelton, "Friends"

Songwriter Jessi Alexander Talks About Blake's Angry Birds Character 

Blake Shelton, “Friends” Lyrics:

“There’s a moment in this journey that I gave up / My boots just couldn’t walk another mile / And that cloud above me had no silver lining / I couldn’t buy a break with my last dime / Oh but when I saw you standing in the corner / I’d have never thought that you would have my back / Then we rolled in like the thunder and the lighting / Threw some punches then we had a laugh.”

“Just some roughed up desperadoes / Hanging tough through thick and thin / Kicking up dust wherever we go / I can see that you and me are gonna be friends.”

“Who’d have thought we’d wind up here together / It’s crazy that we’re standing side by side / Fighting just like two birds of a feather / Who’s gonna tell us now that we can’t fly.”

“To the end you and me are gonna be friends.”

“Hey hey you and me / Different as different can be / You like to rock I like to roll / You take the high I take the low / Whoa whoa whoa.”