Country singer and 'The Voice' coach Blake Shelton chose to debut the video for his new single 'Honey Bee' on NBC, the same network that airs the hit reality singing show in which he now stars.

The video opens with shots of jars of homemade honey, certainly a southern delicacy. The jars are being sold by a beautiful young brunette at a roadside stand in the middle of the country, an image which certainly fits the summery vibe of the song. In between shots of Shelton playing guitar with his hound dog at his side, he is shown driving a truck and he stops by the honey stand, where he sees how attractive the operator is. She gives him the hard sell, or soft sell, depending on who you ask and at what time, and he makes off with a sweet treat.

But Shelton can't shake the memory of this raven-haired honey bee and goes back the next day to buy more honey from the sweet and cute merchant, even nudging two little kids out of the way in order to capitalize on another chance to talk to her under the guise of purchasing her homemade wares. It's typical boy-meets-girl posturing and flirting and it's as wholesome as, well, a jar of fresh honey.

The stand becomes a runaway success with more and more customers waiting in line to nab a jar, with Shelton being the most loyal and repeat buyer of the bunch. He eventually ends up with enough honey to spackle a house in the back of his truck. Unfortunately, Shelton finds the honey stand is out of business when he returns one last time.

But she's not gone. She greets Shelton outside of the stand, posting a sign that reads "No More Honey." After a brief, smile-filled conversation, the girl, dressed in a peasant dress and cowgirl boots, gets in Shelton's truck as he pumps his fist and he walks around the other side to get in the truck with her. Buying all that honey has paid off!

"'Honey Bee' is a feel-good, fun summer song. I had such a blast shooting a video for it," says Shelton.
"We filmed the video while we were taping NBC's 'The Voice,' so it feels appropriate to premiere it on I am really excited for everyone to finally see it." The video will be available for purchase at all digital retailers as of tomorrow.

Watch the Blake Shelton 'Honey Bee' Video