Blake Shelton will co-host the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 3, and although his good friend Trace Adkins is familiar with ACM hosting duty, Shelton says that he will not be seeking advice from his 'Hillbilly Bone' duet partner.

Shelton told Country Weekly that Adkins came alongside him backstage at last years ACAs and said, "I'm not going to be very funny." Blake tried to calm his nerves saying he'd be fine. Adkins said, "No, you don't understand, none of this is funny to me. How can I be funny if I don't even think it's funny?" Shelton took the opportunity to rattle his buddy, saying, "Man, you're right. You're probably gonna suck."

Blake says, "The good thing about Trace is people know Trace and they know his personality and they know his sense of humor and that's why he's able to make things like that work. You want to see him be grumpy and yell at people as long as its not you."

When Shelton was asked to give his assessment of Adkins hosting skills last fall, as per usual he joked and said, "When I say he did a crappy job, I mean capital C-rappy. It made him look even dumber than I know he is in real life."

While discussing possible hosting candidates, Shelton's name has been brought up before by several producers, but his sometimes crude Twitter posts have worried many in the past. However, ACM executive director, Bob Romeo, thinks he will be just fine, saying, "Reba can keep him on a leash."

We're sure Adkins will be watching Shelton, who is currently on tour, with a critical eye during the show. After all of the grief Shelton has given his buddy in the past concerning his hosting skills, we definitely think it is Adkins' turn at the plate! The ACMs will air live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on April 3 on CBS.