Blake Shelton has two very big reasons to celebrate this week, as his single "Came Here to Forget" and album If I'm Honest both hit No. 1.

If I'm Honest is Shelton's third consecutive album to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. Additionally, the album’s first single marks the singer's 17th consecutive No. 1 single and 22nd overall.

“At almost 40 years old and 15 years in this business, who would've ever thought I would have the biggest week of my career now,” Shelton says in a press release. “Number one album, number one song and number one movie. I am beside myself my friends. Thank you for an incredible journey..."

Shelton's If I'm Honest sold 153,000 units opening week. The album is the biggest-selling country debut album since October of last year. It also happens to be the second-biggest-selling debut week of Shelton's career.

If I'm Honest features two collaborations; "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" with girlfriend Gwen Stefani and "Doing It to Country Songs" with the Oak Ridge Boys. One song in particular, “Every Time I Hear That Song,” Shelton admits has an influence from fellow coach on The Voice, Adam Levine.

“It’s not like anything else I’ve ever recorded before and I’ll be totally honest — as hard as it is for me to say this — it’s got a little Adam Levine influence in it,” the country star shares. “It’s hard to admit. I hope he doesn’t read this because he’d be like, ‘Hahahahahahaha! I’m your hero!’ But melodically it kind of reminds me of something he would do. It’s obviously country, but when people hear the song, they’ll understand what I’m talking about if they’re familiar with his music.”

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