So many country couples have made an effort to collaborate on as many musical opportunities as possible, such as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who are getting together once again for a tour in Australia next year. Country music's new "it" couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have written a handful of songs together -- and she lent her vocals on his chart-topping single 'Home' in 2008 -- but Shelton says when it comes to bringing their professions together, he tries to avoid it, if at all possible.

"I try to stay out of Miranda's music as much as I can," Shelton tells Taste of Country. "Even with her 'Revolution' album, I had like three songs on there that I co-wrote with her. I don't like that, I'm going to be honest with you. There have been a lot of times where she'll be writing a song and she'll say, 'Help me with this ... write it with me.' I think she writes so much better by herself ... I really do. Some of her best work is just her [with] one name on the song: hers. I try to stay out of it as much as I can."

"Sometimes there really is a true collaboration, and that's exciting to me," he continues. "There's a song on her ['Four the Record'] album that's coming out that she and I wrote together that's actually a very personal and important song to me. I'm glad that she recorded it, but I try to stay out of that as much as I can."

"Having said that, sometimes our worlds are going to collide musically. I'm going to be standing in the kitchen like I was when [the Pistol Annies] were writing that 'Family Feud' song. I literally was in the kitchen making the girls dinner. There was flour and crap everywhere. I can't even remember what I was making now. I was cooking something for them. There's this little bar by the kitchen, and they were all three sitting there. Finally Angaleena said, 'Well Blake, why don't you help?!' I was like, 'Well, here's what I would say.' Next thing you know, I'm writing this song with them. That's how it ends up happening sometimes. That's why I say it's important for me to kind of stay away as much as I can because I think I can get in the way and not help and mess things up more than I can help sometimes [laughs]!"

Shelton did, however, make sure that his new video for his latest single, 'God Gave Me You,' involved his beautiful bride. "The reason I even cut that song was because of her and because of myself, and the ups and downs of our relationship that we have, but we always end up back together," Shelton says softly. "When I heard that song, that's why I cut it. Everything she said at the opening of that wedding video to me is the truth. We're going to have more ups and downs along the way like any couple will. It said everything that is the reason I recorded that song."

'God Gave Me You' is the second single from Shelton's 'Red River Blue' album. The album's lead single, 'Honey Bee,' spent an impressive four weeks at the top of the charts earlier this summer. Last week, Shelton and the song's two writers -- Ben Hayslip and Rhett Akins -- celebrated in Nashville. Click here to read our recap of the party.

Watch the Blake Shelton 'God Gave Me You' Video