With his new single 'God Gave Me You' inside the Top 10 on Billboard charts, Blake Shelton is looking forward to the third single from his 'Red River Blue' album. After two sweet love songs -- 'Honey Bee' was the chart topping debut -- the singer says he's hoping to release one of the less serious songs on the project next.

"It's a tie between 'Get Some' and 'Drink On It','' Shelton tells The Boot. The first is a play on words a la 'Some Beach,' while the latter is an easy-breezy, suggestive love song. While Shelton hopes to have four or even five singles from the album, he concedes that the title track may never make radio. It's a duet with wife Miranda Lambert, and getting separate record labels to sign off on that sort of thing is challenging, to say the least.

"That's one of the things that drive me and Miranda crazy about Nashville," Shelton says, "the fact that it's so hard to collaborate with people. Look at other genres, and that's almost all they do! It seems like they know what they're doing, as far as selling a lot of music. So it's frustrating."

"It's a thousand wonders that it worked out with 'Hillbilly Bone,' because looking back, Trace [Adkins] probably knew he was leaving his label and then everything worked out where it could be a single," he continues. "Otherwise, that probably would have never happened, and I can't imagine where my career would be without that song."

If 'God Gave Me You' keeps rising at its current pace, the song should peak in plenty of time for Shelton to release a new single by Christmas. He'll begin his second season as a mentor on NBC's 'The Voice' in January.