Blake Shelton may not have written the 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' lyrics, but the CMA's Entertainer of the Year did think highly enough of the sexy mid-tempo tune to release it as the introductory track to his forthcoming studio album.

In fact, it seems as though it was love at first listen for Shelton, who gives the final nod of approval for any songs that are recorded for any of his projects.

"The pitching process for Blake was actually incredibly fast on this one," Nashville songwriter Jimmy Robbins tells Taste of Country. "It was sent to his manager a few days after we wrote it, who immediately sent it to him [Blake]. He listened to it and put it on hold by the end of that day."

Adding to the timeline, Robbins recalls, "It was cut a few months later and then actually released as a single pretty shortly after that."

The experience not only resulted in one of the most anticipated releases of the year, but also Robbins' first radio single as a Music Row songwriter. For him, however, it was just another day in the office with his co-writers, Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins.

"It was actually one of those days where we weren't really aiming for anyone specific," Robbins says of writing the 'Sure Be Cool If You Did' lyrics. "We just wanted to write something that had a good vibe on it."

Giving credit to his co-writer, Robbins shares, "Rodney came in with the title and told us how for a long time he'd wanted to use that hook and just hadn't found the right way to do it so we dug in and ran with it for the day."

"Meet me in the middle of a moonlit Chevy bench seat / And do a little bit of country song - hanging on / You don't have to keep me falling like this / But it'd sure be cool if you did," croons Shelton.

The new staple writer on Music Row was wise to rely on his intuition to rally around the hook, considering Clawson previously found success with 'The Voice' judge in penning Shelton's 2012 No. 1 single 'Drink on It.'

Robbins is well on his way to becoming one of the most decorated songwriters in country music in his own right, with new songs in the pipelines for Keith Urban, Thompson Square, David Nail, RaeLynn and Lauren Alaina. "I'm incredibly lucky right now in that people are actually listening to the songs I'm writing and at least giving them a chance," shares the songwriter.

He adds, "I'm just kind of keeping my head down and working hard."

'Sure Be Cool if You Did' is the first release from Shelton's upcoming studio album -- the follow-up to his 2010 No. 1 record, 'Red River Blue.'

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