Dierks Bentley's album 'Riser' -- out Tuesday (Feb. 25) -- is already a success in his book, as one of the tracks was approved by Bono himself!

So, how do a country hitmaker and rock star become close enough to review one another's music? It started in 2011, when U2 performed in Music City's Vanderbilt stadium. Bentley was seated next to Bono at dinner, and apparently, they hit it off.

“I had a chance to sit next to him at a dinner he did with [Tennessee] Senator Frist and we talked a lot about country music and the country audience," the 'I Hold On' singer explains to Country Weekly. "He loves country music and he’s been to the Station Inn, he’s been to the Bluebird. He was friends with Johnny Cash. He wanted to learn more about the country audience."

In fact, Bono even asked Bentley directly about country music fans -- and of course, the country star talked them up.

“I feel like I really got a chance to tell him what our country fans are like and what’s important to them, what they value," recalls the singer. "He obviously has these big causes [he supports] and he’s trying to find a way to relate that to our country audience."

“I’d love to find a way to introduce him and bring him more into the country audience, because the more you get to know him, you realize what a great guy he is," he adds.

Bentley even found the courage to ask for the rocker's feedback on the most intimate track from his new album, a song called 'Here on Earth,' which was written about the death of his father, Leon. Upon hearing the song, Bono e-mailed the country singer with his praise, pointing out the lyrics are very much like a prayer.

It was exactly the kind of feedback Bentley needed and was hoping to hear. “I was like, ‘Wow, he totally gets it,’” he stresses. As for future collaborations? “It’s going to happen one day!” Bentley says, enthusiastically proving that he's on board.

While in the Taste of Country Nights studio this week, the country star dished that his only Bono-related regret is not asking to include the music icon as a writing credit on the song since he gave his input ... but perhaps they'll get a shot to work together in the future!