Brad Paisley's new single "Alive Right Now" mixes pop culture and heart to create a feel-good message for any decade. The new song also introduces a special vocalist named Addie Pratt.

Much like Carrie Underwood did during "Remind Me," Pratt simply out-sings Paisley, but the humble country hitmaker has never been afraid to stand alongside country's greatest female vocalists (Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, etc ...).

Pratt, a former St. Jude Children's Research Hospital patient, arrives during the final chorus and helps Paisley take the in-the-moment power ballad to its conclusion. The soon-to-be famous cancer survivor simply has a big, big voice and deserves every compliment she'll receive.

Want to learn more about Addie Pratt? Start by skimming her Instagram page to see what the budding singer has been up to.

Paisley hasn't shared the story of this song publicly, but it wouldn't be surprising to learn he's had it for quite some time. If you guessed he wrote it without peaking, you're no genius — "Alive Right Now" has all the qualities that have made for Brad Paisley hits over the last two decades, plus a courageous redhead.

Did You Know?: Paisley wrote "Alive Right Now" with longtime co-writer Kelley Lovelace.

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Brad Paisley (Feat. Addie Pratt)'s "Alive Right Now" Lyrics:

It’s Hey Siri, who sings this song? (Brad Paisley) / It’s a selfie with your best friend and a beer / It’s a hashtag Friday feelin’ / It’s you need a ride and boom your Uber’s here / It’s wondering if I’m on your mind / Then you send an emoji of a heart / It’s turn on airplane mode next thing ya know / You’re right back in my arms.

It’s great to be alive right now / By the grace of God somehow / Yeah girl, this is our time / I’m glad that I’m alive right now.

Say the word and I’d run to you / And my Fitbit would count the steps / I ain’t ever gonna lose you / I got Waze, I got GPS / I got the whole world in a smart phone in my hand / I gotta friend who’s a soldier and he FaceTime’s his family from Afghanistan / He says …

It’s great to be alive right now / By the grace of God somehow / These may not be perfect times / But I’m glad that I’m alive right now.

I’ve met angels and survivors / That twenty years ago there’d be nothing they could do / But thanks to places like St. Jude.

Addie Pratt With Paisley:
It’s great to be alive right now / By the grace of God somehow / No one knows how long a time / But guess what you’re alive right now / Used to hold up a lighter it would burn like crap / But now we’ve got a flashlight app / Turn it on and let it shine / I’m glad that I’m alive right now.

Alive right now / Yeah, so glad to be alive right now / So glad to be alive right now / Alive right now.

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