Brad Paisley has exactly the message we all need to get through hard times. The country superstar proclaims "we're all in this together" in his humorous new feel-good song, "No I in Beer."

The good-timing party anthem proposes a pretty obvious solution to the hardships that come our way, one that's been a staple of country music since the genre's inception.

"Wherever you are tonight, whatever you're going through / Grab a longneck bottle or a big old pint, and let's all have a few," Paisley encourages in the opening lines, setting up a chorus that's instantly memorable.

"'Cause we're all in this together / To me it's all so clear / Drinking oughtta be a team effort / There is no I in beer," he sings.

The track features the inimitable guitar stylings and sly humor that have made Paisley one of the most successful country artists of the last several decades, and it's a welcome break from the gloom of the daily news during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Paisley is sending the song to country radio on Wednesday morning (April 15), but it's not the only contribution he's made to lifting spirits in these difficult times.

Paisley and his wife Kimberly have arranged for free delivery from their free grocery store in Nashville for seniors in the area who are particularly at risk by going out during the pandemic, and Paisley has also entertained fans with an all-star livestream, as well as a couple of at-home appearances on the ACM Presents: Our Country special on April 5. He joined with Darius Rucker to perform "Mud on the Tires" and "Wagon Wheel," and they also paid tribute to Kenny Rogers with "Lucille" and "The Gambler."

The couple also recently shared a humorous video in which Kimberly revealed to fans how she's dealing with being cooped up in isolation with her prankster husband — by tying him up in the corner and taping his mouth.

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