Brad Paisley did double duty Sunday night (July 6) when he played his part as judge on ABC's 'Rising Star' and performed 'River Bank' on the show's stage.

The country singer, who judges the show alongside pop star Kesha and rapper Ludacris, stepped out of his judges chair and took the metallic stage during the singing competition. He play the role of country star in a short sleeved button down shirt tucked into his grey jeans and, of course, brought that red guitar. Although Paisley didn't raise any walls, he performed in front of his water-themed video for the summer song.

Ludacris stood next to Kesha and the show's host, Josh Groban, in the judging spot watching the performance. He didn't quite look like himself and must have been really feeling the song ... because he donned a white cowboy hat and clapped along while Paisley played.

Recently, the country superstar lost an expensive bet to the rapper, and it sure did cost him. If Paisley would have won, though, Luda would have been dressing a little country. “If you ever see @ludacris wearing my cowboy hat on @RisingStarABC you will know he lost the bet I made with him,” Paisley explains. We wonder if they had another bet going or if the rapper was just being a good sport!

The eager audience clapped along to the hit song and only got more excited when Paisley's guitar solo came up. That was enough to get even Kesha into the song, she was seen clapping after he showed his guitar skills. Groban stood still for most of the performance, and Paisley showed him just what he thought about that, pretending to kick the host as he ran to the crowd.

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