Brad Paisley is dusting up on his acting skills to make a guest appearance on the CBS show 'The Crazy Ones.'

The singer, who has appeared several times in the ABC hit drama 'Nashville,' will make his debut (as himself) on 'The Crazy Ones' in an episode titled 'Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley,' according to JRN.

The show follows Zach Cropper (James Wolk), a confident and charming copywriter at an ad agency run by Simon Roberts (played by Robin Williams) and his daughter, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Sydney is the creative director and life and soul of the Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency. She wants to be like her father, but is too busy having to parent him.

In Paisley's guest episode, Josh Groban will also be trading in his singing talent for acting expertise. He plays the character Danny Chase, and the episode involves Cropper trying to channel Simon, so he over-promises on a pitch and must get Paisley to sing a jingle written by Chase.

The episode will hit the air Thursday, April 3 at 9:30PM ET on CBS.