In light of Brad Paisley's latest shenanigans on Twitter, his record label is fighting back. Since Paisley decided to leak his own music without their permission, they've decided to send fans his email address.

Early Friday (Aug. 22) morning, the 'River Bank' singer tweeted his followers asking why he had a flood of new emails all from addresses he didn't recognize -- 200 to be exact. The number quickly jumped from 200 unread emails to 250 unread emails then to 300 unread emails, much to Paisley's dismay.

Shortly afterward, Paisley cracked the code. An email signed by Gary Overton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Nashville, provided Paisley's email address. Overton said the receiver was free to let both friends and listeners use the email address at their own will.

Paisley's screenshot of the email included a rather funny caption calling him "Richard label head" instead of "record label head."

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