Brandi Carlile will serve as this year's Record Store Day Ambassador. Carlile announced the news on Friday (Feb. 21).

This year's Record Store Day is the 13th annual celebration, and will take place on April 18 at various independent record shops all across the globe.

The announcement came in a post to the Record Store Day's official Twitter account and also in a video filmed inside of Carlile's attic recording studio in Seattle alongside her frequent collaborators, Phil and Tim Hanseroth.

"We’ve been making the physical manifestation of independent-minded music for over two decades in this space," said Carlile, before she noted that her musical hero and music icon Sir Elton John often frequents indie record shops.

"What independent record stores do is that they mine, archive, love, meticulously care for, and make available to you other people’s dreams," said Carlile before sharing some of her favorite albums, including a signed copy of one by the Carter Family.

Carlile then continued by saying, "The Twins and I have never made an album that we didn’t intend to be in an independent record store. Thank you so much for recognizing this love in me and the Twins and giving us this opportunity. We won’t let you down."

"Brandi Carlile's career has woven through record stores since the beginning, and record stores could not have a greater set of cheerleaders than she and "the Twins" to be taking the mantle of Record Store Day 2020 Ambassador," the organization captioned the announcement.

Previous artists who have served as  Record Store Day ambassadors include Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Jack White, among others.

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