Brantley Gilbert has been an open book about his journey from battling addiction to getting sober, and he's now offering even more insight into what helped him stop the vicious cycle.

In an interview with his record label, Big Machine Label Group, Gilbert reveals that it was his tense relationships with family members due to his addiction that played a big role in his desire to get sober. "I didn’t see my mom a whole lot because she knew, you know she could tell," he admits. "Stayed mad at my dad. People that were really close to me that cared about me I just pushed away, and other people that knew what was going on said, ‘Man, no, just no.’”

But it was his lack of relationship with his godchildren that really struck a chord with the country star and helped inspire him to quit drinking and using for good. "And I mean, my two godkids, the closest thing I ever thought I’d come to kids were my godkids, and I mean I love my godkids more than words. I wasn’t gettin' to see them," he says.

Brantley Gilbert Opens Up About Addiction

"The Weekend" singer also says that he was ready to marry his wife Amber long before their nuptials in 2015, revealing that it was his heavy drinking and instability that "terrified" her.

“I remember her telling me the last time it ended, ‘You know I love you, and I want to marry you, but it terrifies me to talk about and think about marrying somebody that rides around with bottles of liquor in the console of their truck,'” Gilbert tells Taste of Country about his now wife's reaction regarding his addiction.

The country singer has been sober since 2011 and also attributes part of his sobriety success to Keith Urban, who visited him while he was in rehab. He's gearing up for the summer leg of his headlining 2017 The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour, which kicks off June 2.

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