Brantley Gilbert is having quite a start to 2014! Currently, he's preparing to embark on his headlining Let It Ride Tour in promotion of his new studio album 'Just as I Am,' which is set for release in May.

Mark your calendars, BG Nation, because the country outlaw reminds us that he doesn't record anything he didn't personally write or experience -- so it's slated to be as authentic as any album could be.

"I don't sing anything I don't write, I don't write anything I haven't been through," Gilbert tells Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex.

The singer is keeping his life experiences with him through every album, and he says this one shows a little bit of everything. "This is the next chapter of my life. I think the record does a good job of showing exactly how bi-polar I am 'cause it goes from one side of the spectrum to the other," Gilbert explains of 'Just as I Am.'

Despite living in the digital age, when it comes to songwriting, Gilbert likes to keep it traditional. He still loves putting his feelings on pen and paper.

"These smartphone things, I'm starting to get pretty good at writing notes in there," he says when asked if he used his phone to help with songwriting. "I like hand writing things. I've always been a hand writing guy. I don't know why."

Gilbert has been singing and songwriting since he was a teenager and would even sneak out of his house to chase his music dreams. "I was playing some smaller bars and stuff when I was 14 and 15 and sneaking out of the house and stuff," he spills.

"[My parents] knew I played music," adds the star. "They just thought it was praise and worship music. First time you get caught doing something like that, it ain't good."

Once he got his 'head on straight,' Gilbert's parents became supportive of their multi-talented musician son. 'Just as I Am' -- set for release on May 20 -- will feature his single 'Bottoms Up.' He will also be a part of the second-annual Taste of Country Music Festival from June 13-15.