Brantley Gilbert doesn't quite have a full sleeve of ink on his left arm, but when his new tattoo is finished, he'll be close. The singer joined host Jeremy Robinson on the syndicated radio show Taste of Country Nights this week to talk about his new body art, and it was there that he revealed that the ink will be finished by artists on the TLC series 'NY Ink.' You can watch a video of the 'Kick It in the Sticks' singer talking about all his tattoos below. 

The empty cross on his left bicep will soon be filled, according to Gilbert. "It will be a mural of Jesus inside the cross, and like the gates of heaven," he explains. That will contrast the fire and skulls on his forearm -- work that was done by Corey Miller of 'LA Ink.'

Gilbert's little brother shares the cross tattoo with him, while a group of his motorcycle-riding friends share the "Brothers" tattoo he has on his right side. It's not clear when Gilbert's episode of 'NY Ink' will air, but he said he went to film it on September 11.

Watch Brantley Gilbert Talk About His Tattoos