Brantley Gilbert has more rings than Mr. T has chains, but when he gets married later this year, he’s going to free up the fingers on his left hand. His fiancée Amber Cochran didn’t ask for it, but Gilbert tells Taste of Country he knew it’d make her happy.

The singer has seen his wedding band already. He describes it as “rustic,” and she describes it as … “It looks like me, she says,” Gilbert says laughing. “It’s not a traditional gold band.”

“She did awesome on it, because you know I like big bulky rings,” the “One Hell of an Amen” singer adds. “Plus I got really long fingers. So this thing fits perfect.”

Gilbert is a man who likes to accessorize. Fans know about his rings on both hands. Soon, that will change. About six months ago, Amber came to him asking if he was going to keep all his left hand metal.

“I could tell she was kind of fishin’, so for about three months I didn’t say anything," he explains. "Then about three months ago I was like, ‘Alright baby, I’ll tell you what. That will be the only one I wear on that hand.’”

But there’s a catch.

“I reckon we’re gonna have to stack the other hand up,” he adds. “I’d hate to be the dude that runs into the right hook.”

Gilbert is hoping for more metal this month. The platinum edition of his Just as I Am album drops on May 18. It could provide the boost he needs to send the project platinum for one million copies sold. A remake of “Bottoms Up” with rapper T.I. and the album’s title track are among new highlights.

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