Some people celebrate with parties. Others celebrate with champagne. Brett Eldredge celebrates by jumping out of a plane -- at least for his first No. 1 hit!

The country newcomer's debut single 'Don't Ya' hit No. 1 on the Mediabase and Country Airplay charts over some of the genre's biggest songs, including Keith Urban's 'Little Bit of Everything' and Carrie Underwood's newest single 'See You Again.'

"I am by far the happiest I've ever been in my life!!!" Eldredge exclaimed via Twitter when he heard the news. "'Don't Ya' is officially #1! Thank you country radio and every one of my fans!" But then, the truth came out.

On August 18, the singer admitted that he had a bet to make good on. "I made a bet with my crew that if 'Don't Ya' went #1 I'd go skydiving ...." Eldredge dished. "In a week, look up in the sky at the dude peeing his pants!"

The day before he jumped, he showed a little bit of nerves, saying, "I don't think it's gonna set in how real it is that jumpin' out of a plane tomorrow till I am staring at the ground from space!" But, anything is worth it when it comes to No. 1 hits. "I'm kinda ready to be scared to death, it'll be just a little reminder of how much I love this life!…" he added.

On Tuesday (Aug. 27), Eldredge celebrated big time ... and jumped. The picture says it all. It shows that he was just a little petrified, with his mouth wide open in a scream, his fists clenched tightly. He confessed to being more than a little scared, saying humorously, "On a scale of one to shat my pants, how scared do you think I was here! Ha."

At least his first No. 1 single will be something that he never forgets.

Eldredge is flying high these days, with his debut album 'Bring You Back' and memories of opening for superstar Taylor Swift. Hopefully he'll have many more reasons to jump out of a plane -- all in the name of celebration.

Watch Brett Eldredge's Jump