"Meet and greeting! I love meeting new fans!" - Atlanta, Georgia, April 18, 2013

Count 'em ... five beautiful women surrounded Brett Eldredge before he took the stage in Atlanta on Thursday (April 18). The 'Don't Ya' singer is opening for Taylor Swift on her 2013 Red Tour, and in today's photo blog, he shares what a typical meet and greet scene looks like. Imagine having to stand through this type of torture for 30 minutes to an hour -- how awful! OK, not really.

Brett Eldredge will play 19 dates with Taylor Swift in 2013, including a second show tonight in Orlando. He’s agreed to document the experience for Taste of Country readers with a daily photo blog.


Taylor Swift Red Tour Dates With Brett Eldredge:

4/19 – Atlanta, Ga.
4/20 – Tampa, Fla.
4/25 – Cleveland, Ohio
4/26 – Indianapolis, Ind.
4/27 – Lexington, Ky.
5/04 – Detroit, Mich.
5/11 – Washington D.C.
5/12 – Washington D.C.
5/16 – Houston, Texas