The country music community is in desperate need of some laughter, and Brett Eldredge is the man for the job. Whether he's urging us all to smile with sweet snaps beside his dog Edgar on Snapchat or sharing behind-the-scenes videos of his music video shoots, Eldredge doesn't shy away from bringing fans into his everyday life. This time, though, he's letting us into his teen years.

On Thursday (Oct. 5), "The Long Way" singer shared a Throwback Thursday photo of himself on Instagram. Donning a shag hairstyle, Eldredge's piercing blue eyes stare right at the viewer with a serious head of hair.

"Need a good laugh? Here's teenage me....have at it," he writes.

Fans and country music artists alike chimed in on his post in disbelief that this was teenage Eldredge.

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"Legit thought this was Luke Skywalker," Dan + Shay comment in response to the photo.

Meanwhile, one fan is questioning the decade that Eldredge was a teen in.

"But you're not even that old...why does it look like you went to high school in 1972??" the fan writes.

Another fan, Victoria, proposes the old adage to be true for Eldredge: "Like a good wine or whisky some things get better with age," she writes.

Ashley later notes, and we seriously wonder, "When is that hairstyle going to make a comeback?"

There is no question Eldredge surely broke some hearts in high school with that hairdo. His sex appeal shows no age limit, either, as he was recently given a big, juicy kiss from an 88-year-old fan at a concert.

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