Brett Eldredge is trying his best to get through the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine with his mental health intact, and he's reaching out to help others, too. In an appearance on Good Morning America on Thursday (May 14), the "Gabrielle" singer shares how therapy has changed his life, and offers some tips for how he's staying focused during social isolation.

In the clip above, Eldredge reveals that he's been going through therapy for three or four years, and that it's really helped him open up.

"I've been somebody that's kinda scared of vulnerability, a little bit," he admits, adding that he's learned, "You don't have to be perfect, and perfection is not worth chasing down."

"Telling somebody your thoughts, and what's going on with your world, and having them help you find ways to cope with it is a big deal," he asserts.

Eldredge says that although he's a naturally introverted person, he finds that making sure he reaches out to connect with others, even if it's only through the phone right now, has been vital to him during quarantine, and it's also important to make sure to get some time outside. Exercise has also been crucial; the singer has worked his way up to being able to run 12 miles, whereas 6 miles was a vigorous workout for him previously.

The singer-songwriter has also been writing down what he's grateful for, even going so far as to email one of his old high school teachers and thank them for their influence on the person he is today.

Eldredge closes the appearance, in which he's broadcasting outdoors in Tennessee, with a message of hope.

"Stay strong through this tough time," he advises. "We're gonna make it out the other side. We're gonna always be together through this, and that's the most important thing."

Eldredge released "Gabrielle" as his new single on April 17, and he performed it during a from-home acoustic appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert on April 21.

"Gabrielle" is the lead single from Eldredge's forthcoming new album, Sunday Drive, which is set for release on July 10.

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