Bri Fletcher digs deep into her emotional center in her new video for "Cause I Love You," and she's letting Taste of Country readers see it first in this exclusive video premiere.

The powerhouse country vocalist co-wrote the piano-driven ballad with Shaina Arb and Zach Williams. The lyrics convey the kind of passion in a relationship that can withstand sharing hard truths with a partner, because that kind of love is so rare and worth the struggles.

“I know I’m gonna hurt you but it’s only ‘cause I love you / I know you don’t want to hurt me but it’s only ‘cause you love me / No more keeping promises that lead us to shut down / I know I’m gonna hurt you but it’s only ‘cause I love you,” Fletcher sings in the chorus.

Her vocal performance on the track encompasses all of the elements of her voice, allowing her to employ her rich lower range quietly during the verses and jump up into her soaring upper register for the choruses.

Director Brian Vaughan brings the song to life in an atmospheric video that focuses mostly on Fletcher, framing her with mood lighting to emphasize the inherent drama of her performance in a way that does not distract from the intent of the song.

“Shooting the music video was such an amazing experience!" Fletcher enthuses to Taste of Country. "We got to keep it very intimate and focus the video more about the actual lyrics than acting out a storyline. The burning of the flowers in the video symbolizes me finally letting go of control in a relationship. There are so many times we want love to be perfect, but there’s so many flaws, and sometimes there is beauty in the ashes.”

Press materials describe Fletcher as a "rising singer-songwriter and activist." In addition to her music career, the Texas native founded an anti-bullying platform called Debully, which sees her traveling to schools around the country to help overcome bully culture.

Learn more about Bri Fletcher at her official website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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