Brian Kelley is so excited about new Florida Georgia Line music, he's sharing it with the world. Kelley says fans can expect some more vocal leads from him on the duo's forthcoming album.

Kelley began posting sampled of music after he received an email at 6:30AM on Saturday (March 5) with a new song mix included.

"Blasting this new music for the woods this Saturday morning," he wrote on Twitter. "You're gonna hear some more BK leads this record."

Sporting a black beanie and a beard, Kelley shared a slow new ballad, mouthing along to the lyrics in the clip as he spun his phone around, showing the woods in the background. "Like we're the last two on this earth, like we're frozen here in time," Kelley sings in a 15-second clip.

Before he heads to Australia for a string of tour dates, Kelley shared one more music teaser. While it's only seven seconds, it's enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats waiting for another inside look from Florida Georgia Line.

When he's not hard at work in the studio recording Florida Georgia Line's follow-up album to 2014's Anything Goes, Kelley is working on his own clothing line Tribe Kelley with his wife, Brittany. In a recent interview, Kelley discussed the brand, which he says is detailed thoughtfully.

“It’s got a real cool vibe,” he says of Tribe Kelley. “Everything’s made in the USA, my wife and I design it, it’s really, really comfortable. It’s not just merch thrown together.”

The brand has been inspired by both Brian and Brittany’s travels, and is dreamed up in their home of Nashville, as well as Los Angeles.

“It’s a movement. The Tribe encourages individuality,” he adds. “So, it’s cool to just throw on some cool threads that feel good and make you feel comfortable.”

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