Brooks & Dunn reunited to perform together for the first time since 2010 on Friday night (June 19), and they're opening up about the reasons for their split.

The superstar duo took the stage at the Colosseum in Vegas with Reba McEntire for the opening night of a residency titled Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Together in Vegas, and according to People, they genuinely seemed to enjoy being back together, despite rumors that interpersonal tensions caused them to walk away from the best-selling duo in country music history.

"There was never a rift," Ronnie Dunn tells People. "We [broke up] because we'd been doing it for over 20 years and felt like we'd accomplished everything that we could."

"We ran out of gas," Kix Brooks says. "We needed a break, you know."

That break included a solo album, film work and a radio show for Brooks, while Dunn has issued two solo albums and started his own record company over the course of the past five years. But they say the time seemed right to reunite when they got the offer.

"After four or five years of having dinner and vacationing, we thought, 'Gosh, if we can come out here and golf and eat some great dinners in one of the greatest venues in the world, then yeah,' " Brooks says, adding that in McEntire, "we got our favorite referee."

As an added bonus, Dunn says the sound quality in the venue is stellar, making the shows that much more rewarding to play.

"This is the best room in the world," he states. "I've been raving about the acoustics on stage. I've never heard a better stage sound in my life."

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