Burns and Poe's new single, 'I Need a Job,' is about as timely as timely can be. The duo of Michelle Poe and former Trick Pony member Keith Burns approach a serious topic with a little bit of humor in the song and video below. It's purposefully corny, so listeners -- especially unemployed listeners -- get to take a break from the heavy business of pavement pounding.

"I need a job / Not a government plan / All I wanna do is work with my two hands / Gonna fire up the truck, head up to DC / Tell them S.O.B.'s I need a J-O-B," the duo sings during the chorus. The verse is more a vehicle to get to the next chorus, but with this kind of song that's plenty OK. "Well I make my living by the sweat of my brow / Give me some work and I'll work it out / All I need is a chance and you will see / What I want is a J-O-B."

The pair wisely keep this song short and sweet. At just over two-minutes, a few radio stations or morning radio programs will give the song a shot. It's unlikely to find serious consideration and move up the charts -- 'I Need a Job' is more of a novelty a la Cledus T. Judd than a serious single -- but it's not too clever for its purpose. Burns and Poe won't be starting a social revolution with the song. They'll only be putting a few smiles on faces that need them. That's certainly a worthy cause.

Watch Burns and Poe 'I Need a Job' Video