Keith Urban's love of fashion is helping him expand his name even further than country music and 'American Idol.' His admiration for "cool, interesting t-shirts" has inspired the Australian to start his very own T-shirt line!

Urban's personal style isn't that of the traditional country singer -- he is usually seen in a hip and casual shirt paired with a jacket and denim jeans. Now, he wants to help fans build their cool T-shirt collection, too.

“I’ve always loved cool, interesting t-shirts and wanted to share that passion,” the star explains on his new line's website. “But only if I could do it in a fun, collaborative way -- with social impact that can make a difference.”

So that's just what he did. The ‘Cop Car’ singer partnered with Industrial Revolution II, a “socially responsible garment” manufacturer, as well as Raphael Mazzucco, a Canadian photographer/artist for his new hip shirt collection.

“We’ve created a collection we love that is manufactured with the philosophy of reinvesting back into the communities and the team members," the singer adds.

The By Keith Urban online collection includes crew necks and v-necks for men and boast catchy names like Star Spangled Trailer and Mystic Seahorse. Don't worry, ladies -- he makes shirts for you, too! The singer's v-necks for women have the same prints as the male shirts, but he added the option of a pink color to make them a little more female friendly.

It's a good thing the 'American Idol' judge has chosen a way to channel his T-shirt energy, since his attire sometimes gets him in trouble with the 'Idol' producers. Check out the whole By Keith Urban collection here.