Canaan Smith's "Like You That Way" is pretty cool if, you know ... umm, Miranda Lambert says it is. The song's signature lyric introduces a new phrase to the country lexicon that would have caught on yesterday if we weren't all a little afraid of the female vocalist.

Smith's peppy love song is the first from an upcoming album. Jesse Frasure and Brett James helped him write it. He sings of falling for a bad girl — you know her, with the tattoos and who plays bass.

Okay, so that's not quite the archetype, but the spirit of this groover is what you'll remember. That and "Ain't nothin’ ‘bout you baby I wanna change / Girl you're Miranda Lambert crazy and I like you that way."

The playful, summer-ready love song goes back to the pop-friendly sound Smith used to make a hit with "Love You Like That" three years ago. He's a singer and songwriter with impressive depth, but this song isn't aimed at the heart as much as it is the feet. You'll find 'em moving quickly if Lambert says it's funny.

Did You Know?: This is the first time a radio single from a major label artist has name-checked Miranda Lambert (finally!).

Listen to Canaan Smith, "Like You That Way"

Canaan Smith's "Like You That Way" Lyrics:

You ticked off your dad / When you got a little heart-shaped tat / Right there in the middle of your back / But if you ask me / It makes you even more attractive / They thought it was a phase / When you bought that pawnshop bass / Joined a band on the road hit the stage / But on the backbeat / Girl, I love the way you slap it.


Ain't nothin’ ‘bout you baby I wanna change / Girl you're Miranda Lambert crazy and I like you that way / You keep the sunshine in your pocket and the rain on a chain / Yeah, you're a little complicated but I like you that way.

So just hold up / Before you go and mix things up / I want you to know that / You're an original in a world that's so digital / You're the analog baby you make the others invisible / Yeah, you're the kinda girl I wanna write songs about / Just put you on my mixtape babe and turn you up loud.

All the girls on the block wanna be you / All the boys lining up just to meet you / But I love it that you only see you with me with me.

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