Canaan Smith surprised a lucky couple by showing up at their wedding to perform the bridegroom's favorite song.

Smith's appearance was part of's annual dream wedding, for which the wedding website chooses a couple to throw an elaborate, once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. In the case of Samantha and Taylor from L.A., their list of must-haves for their ideal nuptials included Smith's song "Love You Like That."

"I just got invited by to come and basically crash a wedding," the singer says. "The bridegroom's favorite song that they're gonna do their first dance to is my song, 'Love You Like That.' So reached out to us and said, 'Hey, we're planning this dream wedding for Taylor and Samantha, they love your song. Instead of having the band play it, why don't we have Canaan come and play it?' So I said, 'Heck yeah.'"

Smith and his wife showed up unexpectedly at the beautiful chateau where the couple were getting married, making a wonderful day even better. "We kinda chose a song that's very catered toward us as a couple, and our personalities," the bride said. "Not one of the traditional first dance songs."

"Just listening to this song makes us both smile, and reminds us of each other," the groom added, "and our relationship and our love for one another."

The couple were happily beginning their first dance when it was interrupted by the announcement of a special guest. Smith entered the wedding party with acoustic guitar in hand as the bride and groom gaped in astonishment. After being introduced, Smith took the stage with the wedding band for what must surely rank as one of the most unusual gigs of his career, providing an unforgettable finish to an already spectacular wedding. He even customized the lyrics, ad-libbing, "And Taylor ...  he wants to love Samantha like that."

Watch the entire emotional scene in the exclusive video above.

Smith's debut album, Bronco, is set for release on Tuesday (June 23), and is currently available for pre-order. The album features "Love You Like That," which has just been certified Gold. Smith is currently on the road with Dierks Bentley as part of his Sounds of Summer tour.

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