Candi Carpenter's debut single "Burn the Bed" introduces her as country music's next young traditionalist. It's a lyric Tammy or Loretta would be proud of, cast in a more modern arrangement.

The Ohio native's sorrow is palpable as she demands to know the details of her husband's affair. The sharp bite of her questions contrasts the song's seductive pace and instrumentation. "Burn the Bed" is a stormy, moody country song that will hit too close to home for some. Men will feel guilty for sins they have not yet committed.

Some have been quick to group this newcomer alongside Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline or other great females from the past, but there's more hurt than anger in this song. A better comparison is Lee Ann Womack, but "Burn the Bed" doesn't provide an opportunity to show that level of vocal prowess. Like all of these great singers, however, Carpenter doesn't apologize for diving head first into despair. There's no light at the end of the tunnel, which is both terrifying and refreshing.

Did You Know?: As a kid, Carpenter toured with her family's gospel band, but cut her teeth in Nashville's honky-tonks as a teenager.

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Candi Carpenter, "Burn the Bed" Lyrics:

Most people take out the trash, they don't bring it home / But you'd rather be cheap and dirty than spend one night alone / You laid some woman down, where I lay my head / Now I don't wanna wash the sheets, I wanna burn the bed.

Did you make out on the couch in our family room / After you made love did she dab on a little of my perfume / There's just no fixing up the kind of mess you left / I don't wanna wash the sheets, I wanna burn the bed.

How long has this been going on, how long have you lied / Was she someone to replace me or just someone on the side? 

Did you take my pictures down or did I have to watch / Did her skin touch your wedding ring or did you take it off / I won't be sleeping on this mattress that you wrecked / I don't wanna wash the sheets I wanna burn the bed / I don't wanna wash the sheets, I wanna burn the bed.

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