Carlton Anderson's brand of traditional country swing is an easy fit between any two songs on country radio. "Drop Everything" is reminiscent of a lot of things, but not a copycat of any.

George Strait, Josh Turner, Old Dominion? "Drop Everything" tells a similar story as the group's "Break Up With Him," but nobody is going to confuse the two debut tracks. This Texan's sturdy voice will hold up alongside any traditional country crooner, but you need to be more than country to be country. Anderson's simple approach makes this could-be-love song sound effortless. It's instantly identifiable.

It's familiar, and that's important for someone like Anderson, who is about to begin his radio tour and ascent. The old rule of Top 40 radio is the audience doesn't always know what they like, but they like what they know. "Drop Everything" takes advantage of that axiom.

Did You Know?: As a teenager Anderson played dancehalls and honky-tonks around his home state of Texas.

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Carlton Anderson's "Drop Everything" Lyrics:

You say you made some plans already with your friends / You're gonna hit the town, they'll be here any minute now / Oh and baby I don't know who keeps blowing up your phone / But you've hit decline least a hundred times / You say that it's your boyfriend but y'all ain’t been doing too good, well that's good / And if you're wondering if you oughta break up with him baby you should, yeah you should …”

Drop everything, your plans, your man / I don't see a ring on your pretty little hand / Drop some plastic on the tab, my Chevy into gear / Drop your keys by my door, your coat on my floor / And we'll go from there, drop everything.

Leave your car here at the bar, you can pick it up tomorrow / Girl I'll bring you back, baby you can crash / At my place and drop some ice in a glass of whatever you like / Drop a needle, put some Marvin Gaye on, “Let's Get It On” and …

Your friends, hey they'll forgive you / Your man is gonna miss you / But I just gotta kiss / You right now, so right now.

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