Old Dominion’s new single ‘Break Up With Him’ is too clever to scoff at for long. Some won’t like the sexy R&B groove the five men lay down for singer Matt Ramsey’s spoken-word verses, but the OMG quality of his message will leave everyone smiling.

There’s a wonderful selfishness to the song. It’s a phone call between a guy and the girl he’s trying to seduce, likely after hours, likely after more drinks than he'll admit. Lines like “I know you say you're taken, but I say girl, you're taking too long” and “Look, just tell him, it's you, it ain't him / Or maybe you can lie to him and say you'll still be friends” would make a nun smile, albeit briefly.

Tell him that it's over / Then bring it on over / Stringing him along any longer girl is just wasting precious time,” Old Dominion sing at the chorus before closing with, “I know you ain't in love with him, break up with him.”

There’s a refreshing boldness to ‘Break Up With Him,’ the band’s follow-up to the satellite radio hit ‘Shut Me Up.’ Few songs are able to showcase an artist’s personality quite like this. No, the five men aren’t adulterers, but they do have a sneaky sense of humor that comes through effortlessly during interviews and live performances. Like the song, they’re fun. And they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Key Lyrics: "Girl, you know it can't wait / Rip it off just like a Band-Aid / The way you look at me girl, you can't pretend / I know you ain't in love with him, break up with him"

Did You Know?: Old Dominion checked with Old Dominion University's legal department to make sure they wouldn't get in trouble for their name. They've saved the correspondence.

Listen to Old Dominion, ‘Break Up With Him’

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