Carrie Underwood was forced to cancel several appearances this month after injuring her wrist. Luckily it seems to be just a brief setback for the country darling. Underwood's injury is far from the worst in the genre, and isn't even her first either.

In 2013, while onstage, Underwood's high-heeled shoe got caught in her long top, and she tripped and wiped out on stage. She continued singing after hitting the ground, and shortly after updated fans on social media by posting an image of herself while wearing a boot on her foot, letting them know it (thankfully) wasn't broken.

Chris Young, meanwhile, almost chopped his hand off while cutting an apple in 2014 shortly before CMA Fest. Young was rushed to the hospital on June 5 after he returned home late from his annual fan club party and, according to reports, cut his hand while making dinner. He later explained that the account was inaccurate.

"I was not cooking," he tells Taste of Country. "I was cutting up an apple, and somehow that turned into me cooking. I was not cooking at one in the morning. It was not a knife I should have been using to cut an apple up with. I will say that. It was a double-sided Gerber, so if anybody knows those knives, they're really sharp."

So sharp that Young required surgery the following day to repair damaged tendons in his hand. He was forced to play a series of tour dates with his arm in a sling while he recovered.

Trace Adkins had a more life-threatening injury when he got shot. His second wife, Julie, shot him in the chest during a domestic dispute. The singer never pressed charges, but the pair divorced shortly after and he has a number of scars on his chest from this and other incidents.

Jake Owen's injury takes the cake, though. In 2013, shortly after a go-kart accident, he had the top part of his right finger amputated hours before playing a huge free show in downtown Nashville. Owen noticed the finger was bleeding and according to WZTV-TV in Nashville, doctors recommended it be removed.

"They just went ahead and amputated the last half of it off,” Owen said before the show, according to WWGP. “Kinda trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt right now, but it’s a little sensitive. Sensitive’s a good word."

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