Carrie Underwood has proven in the past few weeks that she really does draw in fans of all ages. First, she stopped by the PS22 school in Staten Island to sing her latest single 'Good Girl' with the fifth grade choir. And just this week, a video surfaced of an adorable three-year-old who showed her love for the singer by belting out Underwood's new tune and dancing wildly, despite being slightly restrained by her car seat.

In the video posted to YouTube by the toddler's aunt, the little girl is contained to the backseat of the car, but still can't help but flail her arms and legs around while she sings the soulful chorus to 'Good Girl,' which is playing on the car stereo. Make sure you tune into the 30-second mark, when the 'Blown Away' singer's No. 1 preschool fan really rocks it out. We can't imagine what she'll sound like when she's old enough to hit the tune.

Underwood admittedly had a blast when she visited PS22 and sang with the elementary school kids, even sharing that she was 'Blown Away' (pun intended!) by the talented kiddos. The tot in this clip is no exception. On Thursday, Underwood shared the soon-to-be viral video with her fans, tweeting, "This made my day!"

Since Underwood first debuted 'Good Girl' -- the first single from her brand new album 'Blown Away' -- in a live performance in February, it has received plenty of critical acclaim (read our own Billy Dukes' initial feedback on the song here). With only 3 days of airplay, the song debuted at No. 30 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs list. It also waltzed onto the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 24.

Needless to say, it's a hit -- no wonder these youngsters can't stop singing along!

Watch a Three-Year-Old Sing Carrie Underwood's 'Good Girl'

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