Not only is Carrie Underwood adjusting to living with her husband Mike Fisher for the first time, she's learning to roll with the punches -- literally. Underwood watched nervously as the Nashville Predators newcomer got into a brawl against another hockey player during a playoff game on Sunday.

Fisher dropped his gloves and went head-to-head with Anaheim Ducks player Ryan Getzlaf in the second period, and it took two referees to split them up.

The 'Cowboy Casanova' singer gritted her teeth and gripped her Predators t-shirt as her husband took part in the punch exchange, and the sports cameras flashed to her section in order to catch her reaction. Sunday marked Game 3 of the Predators/Ducks 2011 playoff games.

Underwood dished to Ellen last week that when her husband of almost a year (finally) traveled to Nashville to move in with her, he wasn't packing light. “He brought all his crap with him,” she joked of Fisher, who was traded to the Nashville Predators from the Ottawa Senators earlier this year. “He’s like, ‘Babe, I need more space in the closet,’ and my heart just sinks.” Underwood adds, “I know he would say I’m too controlling and I nag at him to get his stuff put up.”

Thankfully, Fisher's ice fight was for a good cause this go-round -- the Predators took the Ducks in a 4-3 win. The two teams will battle once again tomorrow night, for Game 4 of the playoffs.

Watch Carrie Underwood React to Mike Fisher's Hockey Fight